It was a pleasure meeting with many of you in our Grabbies booth at the NACs show in Atlanta last month. I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you about the great advantages of Grabbies, the Grab a Glove, Get a Deal program from Fruition Marketing!

As we discussed, Grabbies is an innovative new marketing program that is designed to drive customers from the gas pump into the C-Store with focus on increasing store profits. It accomplishes exactly what the C-Store retailer and manufacturers want most—to capture a portion of the 70% of drivers that drive away.

The Grabbies program is available in three packages: regular, Standard and Premium. You saw the fully brandable glove dispenser that holds up to 1800 gloves, and each glove comes with a custom coupon attached. The tear away coupon can be from any of your key brands or partners, and contains a bar code for tracking purposes.

We’re confident that Grabbies will help your business grow and will tie in seamlessly with the products and services that you already offer.