Gas pump consumers are more concerned than ever with protecting their hands from the germs, grime and odors that gas pumps and nozzles are riddled with. One company has found a way for C-stores and brands to meet this rising consumer demand for cleanliness – all while increasing store traffic and sales.

Grabbies, a new innovative marketing program launching this year from Fruition Marketing, puts brandable dispensers filled with disposable, certified compostable gloves at every gas pump – with customizable tear-off coupons on every glove.

At the pump, consumers simply pull a glove, protect their hands, peel off the coupon, then purchase the promoted deal in the C-store.

The Grabbies program is particularly innovative because it comes at a time when cleanliness and germ protection is of utmost concern to consumers. In fact, the majority of public locales (including supermarkets, airports, hotels, and restaurants) have been supplying germ-protection products as a service to their consumers for years – all at their own cost. Today’s consumers have grown accustomed to having hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and disinfecting wipes readily available when they need it. And it’s time that gas stations and C-stores caught up with this trend.

Studies have shown that of all the public surfaces touched each day, gas pumps are the dirtiest – loaded with bacteria because of the hundreds of hands touching them each day. In fact, it’s been reported that 71% of all pumps are covered with bacteria that will make humans sick.

Beyond germs, the pump experience leaves consumer’s hands grimy, greasy, and smelling like fuel. This is a top issue that the majority of both male and female gas purchasers report significantly disliking.

Gas stations in Asia and Europe have been providing disposable gloves at their gas pumps for years. With Grabbies, that same benefit comes to the U.S.– with one important distinction. The C-store no longer has to incur the cost to provide this consumer service. And Grabbies will actually increase store traffic and drive sales for both C-stores and manufacturers alike.

For more information on putting the Grabbies program to work for you, visit them at NACS booth #932, call 1-800-935-2059 or visit


Convenience Retailer Store Magazine 
October 2016