How Grabbies can increase store traffic and sales for you.

Ask any retailer or product manufacturer what the biggest opportunity of the C-store industry is today and they’ll tell you the same thing: simply driving more traffic from the gas pump into the store.  

The potential here is enormous. 70% of consumers who purchase gas will drive away without ever stepping foot inside the convenience store.  (And up to 70% of a retailer’s profits come from in-store purchases.) That’s a lot of lost potential sales.

One company based in Denver, Colorado is offering an exciting new way to capitalize on this opportunity. Introducing Grabbies  – an innovative C-Store marketing program launching at the 2016 NACS show.

The Grabbies program puts brandable dispensers filled with disposable, certified compostable gloves at every gas pump – with customizable tear-off coupons on every glove.

The glove provides a cleaner, healthier pump experience for consumers. And the branded tear-off coupon increases both store traffic and sales by putting an instantly redeemable deal literally in the hands of gas pump purchasers.

Advertising at the pump is not a new marketing tactic. But what’s so innovative with Grabbies, is that the program offers so much more than the simple visual messaging impressions offered by gas station media companies today.

The Grabbies program centers on an actionable, trackable sales-conversion tool – the instantly redeemable coupon attached to every glove. Unlike basic advertising media at the pumps, data on the coupon’s redemption rate can provide full visibility into how well each promotion works – allowing retailers and manufacturers to test, learn, and adjust for maximum performance over time.

Coupons continue to be a strong promotional resource within the C-store industry. In fact, 43% of men and 35% of women report that they are more likely to shop at convenience stores with coupon offers. And because the coupon is valid on-site immediately – that increases the likelihood of redemption exponentially.

For more information on putting the Grabbies program to work for you, visit them at NACS booth #932, call 1-800-935-2059 or visit


Convenience Retailer Store Magazine 
October 2016